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Duke + Dexter

Duke + Dexter Wilde Penny Loafer Black

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Duke + Dexter Wilde Penny Loafer Black

We’ve considered each step in production to underpin the level of quality that D+D is now known for. Whilst it may not be possible for our factory in England to make every pair by hand, it’s our attitude towards responsible manufacturing that allows us to work closely with trusted Portuguese factories and Italian tanneries. Each sample will undergo multiple stages of refinement before being considered for release. For this reason, a single style can take years to perfect.

In a world where we promote functionality over flair, we’ve dialled down the Wilde Penny Loafer to fit right into everyday life whether you’re sat at a desk, wandering aimlessly or doing up formal. Lined with soft Italian leather and D+D’s durable 25mm compounded rubber sole, stealthy just got an upgrade. But, black isn’t boring, it’s necessary.

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